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There is a basic only difference between secondary health insurance and Medicare supplemental insurance. Secondary health insurance comes when a couple each has a job and both opt in to the company insurance plan. But both also have to pick to have an extra person or the family on the plan. The the spouses plan can be used to help pay for costs that are not covered by the initial policy.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

This type of insurance is made to supplement Medicare only. That is its only use. It is not a stand alone insurance policy. Its sole role is to help pay for some of the costs that Medicare itself does not cover. When a person uses Medicare as their primary insurance policy there are many things that are not covered or only partially covered. A good supplemental plan can help to cover those extra costs. The cost of such a policy can be well worth it if the person needs much care.

Secondary Medical Insurance

The thing about secondary insurance is that it can also be used to cover costs that Medicare does not pay. If there is someone on Medicare that has a spouse or family member who can claim them that persons health insurance can be used to help.

The Main Difference Between Secondary & Medicare Supplemental

The main difference then is the fact that Medicare supplemental can only be used to supplement Medicare. Secondary health insurance can be used to supplement any type of health insurance that a person has. This makes it a much better option if it can be used. Either route that is taken its a very smart idea to have some kind of supplemental insurance if it is possible. Medical costs are so high that any extra help with their costs can be a lifesaver.