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What is Supplemental Medicare insurance is a common question. Sometimes referred to as Medigap, these supplemental policies are designed to fill the coverage gaps between original Medicare and what you have to pay yourself. This includes copayments, deductibles and coinsurance.

Supplemental Medicare Insurance Coverage

What is supplemental Medicare insurance? It's a policy which covers service Medicare decides is medically necessary. These supplemental insurance policies generally only pay Medicare-approved charges. People can buy Medicare supplement policies which cover emergency care in foreign countries.

Buying And Keeping Supplemental Coverage

Private insurance companies sell all Medicare supplement policies. They require special licenses and are closely regulated. The federal government decides on the benefits. If you pay for the Medicare supplement policy it'll be renewed automatically yearly. Let the policy lapse or drop it and getting it back will be near impossible.

Medicare Supplement Medicare Plans

There are several types of Medicare supplement insurance policies. One of them is Medicare Select. This policy requires you get your routine care from medical professionals, clinics and hospitals in your plan’s network. Emergencies are the only time you can only use out-of-network hospitals, or you will have to pay the bill yourself. There are a number of other Medicare supplement insurance plans. Each plan offers a unique group of benefits. Those plans are lettered A through N. All of the companies in the program must offer Plan A. Companies which offer alternative plans must also offer Plan C or Plan F.

Call Your Carrier For Information

One of the saddest things is to hear older people ask: What is supplemental Medicare insurance? It is a safety net for people over 65. If you're over age 65 and not sure which policy is right for you, contact your Medicare supplement company. They can give you the information you need.