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Did you know that Medicare Complete is a PPO or HMO medical plan that offers additional medical and health coverage that is not included in Medicare?

What Are The Medicare Complete Plans?

These health plans are also referred to as Medicare Advantage Plans. Their health insurance coverage’s have been approved by Medicare to be an alternative Medicare Plan coverage. What Is Medicare Complete? They are a group of alternative health plans for seniors and others who have a Medicare health plan.

How Do These Plans Differ From The Original Medicare?

Some are PPO plans; others are HMO plans. Each plan offers medical coverage to seniors who want more health coverage than is offered under the original Medicare plans. Each of the plans will offer no cost drug coverage for most generic prescription drugs.

Will The Coverage For These Plans Be The Same Every Year?

New contracts for doctors and hospitals are drawn-up and signed yearly. Changes to benefits will alter the plan's coverage. Certain benefits might be dropped. Physicians and hospitals that refuse to sign the new contract will be dropped from the plan. This would mean that a patient would have to continue medical treatment with a doctor who is unfamiliar with their prior health history.

What Is The Coverage For HMO Plan?

The HMO plan also offers a list of approved doctors and hospitals. You will need prior approval if you would prefer to use a doctor or hospital that is not included in the plan. What Is Medicare Complete? These health plans offer more medical coverage than the original Medicare plan. They also include a prescription plan and free membership to a health club.

What Is The Coverage For PPO Plan?

The PPO plan is similar to the HMO plan except for the ability to use a physician or hospital that is outside of the plan. The PPO plan allows the use of any doctor or hospital. This will cause you to pay a higher out of pocket charge.

Can I Use My Own Doctor For Any One Of These Plans?

You can retain your personal primary physician only if your doctor signs up with one of these plans. Many doctors only sign up for one year. What Is Medicare Complete? They are complete health plans that must include Medicare Part A but offers more health options than the original Medicare.