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I have heard of Medicare Assignment. What is it and what does it mean to me? How does it work? Do all doctors accept Medicare assignment?

With so many out of pocket expenses that can arise once a person is on Medicare it is always best to determine if the doctor or physician of choice accepts Medicare Assignment. Doctors are not required to accept the assignment. However, many doctors do accept Medicare Assignment.

What Is Medicare Assignment?

Medicare assignment is an agreement between a treating physician and Medicare stating that the doctor will accept the Medicare approved amount for a procedure or a doctor's office visit. Other health care suppliers can also agree to accept the amount that Medicare approves as full payment for their supplies and/or services.

How Does It Work?

Doctors, health care product suppliers and other outpatient medical services that are Medicare approved sign an agreement with Medicare. The agreement states that the health care provider named in the agreement will accept as payment in full the sum that Medicare approves for a specific treatment, visit or procedure. This precludes out of pocket expenses from the Medicare beneficiary.

How Does Medicare Assignment Affect Me?

Medicare Assignment helps keep an individual's costs down, in particular out of pocket costs. If the Medicare beneficiary's doctor or health care supplier accepts Medicare Assignment the beneficiary will not be billed for any amount over what Medicare pays. Medicare Assignment is payment in full.

How Do I Know If My Doctor or Health Care Suppliers Accept Medicare Assignment?

The best way to know if your physician or health care suppliers accept Medicare Assignment is to ask. It is always better to ask before an office visit or before a test or procedure is performed. In many cases the same service can be provided from a company or doctor who does accept Medicare Assignment.