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If there are plans to stop your Medicare plan, then it should be done in writing. Your relevant home health care agency needs to serve you with a formal notice telling you when and why they think that you no longer need the Medicare help. The formal letter should be addressed to you prior to them stopping the services. However, if you still see the need of you getting the home health care then you can continue using the home care services and pay for them. You can later through the home health care agency place a claim on Medicare for them to pay the routine costs.

Issues That Medicare Does Not Cover

There are certain issues that may make Medicare to stop your home health care funding and some of them are discussed here:

Medicare will not cater for your 24 hour home day care. Remember that they only deal with routine costs and hence they will not cater for anything over and above routine. Mores so, they also do not cover for personal care that can be given by personal aides. This kind of service can include bathing, showering, going for shopping, among others. These are considered much of a personal doing and hence do not expect compensation on any of these services if you decide to use them.

How To Source For Medicare Services

There are various ways that you can end up with a home care agency catering for your home care. Most of the time, a social worker, and hospital discharge personnel or even your doctor can make the necessary arrangements and ensure you get the right home health care services. Remember that Medicare can stop their home health care help hence you need to have good reasons as to why you really need the service.