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Medicare Part D pays for prescription drugs. However, all Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage plans may not pay for the drugs an individual needs.

There is a common misconception about Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage. Many individuals believe that when they purchase Medicare Part D all their prescriptions will be paid for by the insurer. That is not always the case. Whether your Medicare Part D plan will pay for the prescription drugs an individual needs depends on the drugs and the plan. For that reason when purchasing a Medicare Part D plan it is important to understand exactly what is being purchased.

What Does Medicare Part D Pay For?

Generally speaking Medicare Part D pays for prescription drugs. However, it is important to note that not all Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage will cover the drugs an individual needs. There are several Medicare Part D plans available in each state. The individual is responsible for comparing the plans and selecting the plan that will best cover his needs based on the medications he is prescribed.

How Will I Know If Medicare Part D Will Pay For The Drugs I Need?

It is best to make a list of all prescription drugs that an individual needs and takes. If a generic drug can be substituted for a brand drug the individual should be aware that many of the Medicare Part D plans offer payment for generic drugs even if the brand drug is not covered. Each government approved private insurer offers several plans from which to choose. Check the availability of plans and determine which plan will cover the drugs the individual needs. After careful comparisons it is probable that the individual can find a Medicare Part D plan that will help offset most, if not all, of his prescription drug costs.