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There are so many Parts to Medicare coverage. How do I know what my Medicare Part A Covers?

Medicare Part A is the basic Medicare coverage that covers every United States citizen once he reaches the age of 65. Many senior citizens do not understand that Medicare comes in Parts with each Part covering a specific area of his health care.

What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

Medicare Part A is the most basic of Medicare coverage. It is specifically designed to cover those persons who have reached Medicare eligibility, are age sixty-five or are over the age of sixty-five while in the hospital. Medicare Part A does not cover every expense in full. It is designed to cover those expenses that are reasonable and necessary for required hospitalization stays. While the individual is in the hospital receiving treatment Medicare Part A will pay for the room, the care of the physician, covered surgeries, and other necessities dictated by the hospital and the physician either in full or in part.

Will Medicare Part A Cover All My Hospital Expenses?

Medicare Part A may or may not cover every expense incurred while the Medicare beneficiary is hospitalized. Any expense not covered or not authorized by Medicare will have to be paid by the individual or by a Medicare Supplemental Insurance policy. One should not rely solely on Medicare Part A to pay one hundred percent of the total cost of hospitalization.

Will Medicare Part A Cover a Follow-Up Visit to the Doctor?

Medicare Part A will not cover any medical expenses incurred outside the hospital. Medicare Part A is designed solely to cover in-patient treatment and care. It must be noted that Medicare Part A is the most basic of plans and probably will not cover every expense incurred even while hospitalized.