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Medicare supplemental plans, also known as Medigap, help cover Part A and Part B services that Medicare does not cover. To be eligible for Medicare Supplement benefits, you must be eligible for Medicare and enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare Supplemental plans in Alabama are regulated by the government. The plans are identified as A-L; when you buy an Alabama Medicare Supplemental Plan, for example a Medigap Plan F with AARP or Blue Cross, Loyal American, or any other insurance company the coverage is exactly the same. Careful attention must be paid here because even though the coverages for the same Alabama Medicare Supplement Plan are the same, the rates will vary between the different insurance companies. It is necessary to shop around and make sure you are paying the lowest available rate for this supplemental coverage.

Alternative to Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans in Alabama

There is an alternative to Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Advantage plans or Part C. These plans help cover Part A, Part B, and Part D of Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are run by private health insurance companies, however must be approved by Medicare. If you are enrolled in an Alabama Medicare Advantage plan, you do not need Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

Facts About Three of Alabama's Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan Carriers

AARP, Humana, and Unicare are Medicare Health Insurance Carriers in Alabama. AARP is a nonprofit membership organization, founded in 1958. AARP helps those aged 50 and over by advocating social change, and offering health insurance, automobile and homeowners insurance, discounts on travel, credit cards and many other membership benefits. Humana started in 1961 as a nursing home, it evolved into a hospital in 1972. Humana offers group health insurance, serves the military, individuals, and seniors. Humana is very popular for their prescription drug plans. Unicare is a national health insurer, a subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc. Unicare provides health care plans and products, such as, health, pharmacy in addition to their Medicare plans. Some things to think about when choosing your Medicare Supplemental Plans in Alabama are: monthly premiums, deductibles, prescription benefits, your ability to choose your own physicians and hospitals, labs and x-rays, hospital coverage, lab work, nursing care, and in home health care. Medicare Supplemental Plans In Alabama all offer different benefits, one plan will be best for one individual's needs while another plan will be best for an individual with another set of needs. Licensed agents stress to their clients the value of a benefit check up each year because these plans change a lot from year to year.

Contact Information for Medicare Supplemental Plan Carriers In Alabama

The following is the location information for the above providers of Medicare Supplemental Plans In Alabama. AARP Alabama; 201 Monroe Street - Suite 1880, RSA Tower - Montgomery, Alabama 36104. 1-866-542-8167 (toll-free). Humana Health Insurance of Huntsville; 600 Boulevard S., Suite 104 - Huntsville, Alabama 35802. 800-942-0605 (toll free). Humana Health Insurance of Birmingham; 2100 Southbridge Pkwy, Suite 650 - Birmingham, Alabama 35209. 800-942-0605 (toll free). Unicare does not have a physical location in Alabama; this company can be reached via their website: