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During the Fall Season, there are those that spend extended stays in Florida during the Winter Season. In Florida, the term ‘snowbird’ refers to those that are retired and live part of the year in their secondary homes. During that time the ‘snowbird’ may require Medicare Supplement to cover their medical expenses while staying in Florida. The best way to find out if you need Florida Medicare Supplement, is to review your current Original Medicare Insurance to see what coverage you have during that time and what exactly is covered.

Determining Florida Medicare Supplement

Original Medicare Insurance is available within the U.S. and its territories (you would have to check with your local Medicare Specialist for specifics). Since, certain U.S. states and territories may have different percentage of coverage for, take for example, hospitalizations or medical services, you have to see where the limitations lie. There are 12 standard Medicare Supplement Insurance plans types available in the U.S. For example, Original Medicare covers 80% co-insurance for hospitalizations, but may not cover outpatient care or outpatient surgeries. You would have to find a Florida Medicare Supplement that would cover these and the remaining 20%.

When to Enroll in Florida Medicare Supplement

In most states, during the open enrollment period you will not be denied Medicare Supplement insurance, regardless of your health condition. Since this is a benefit, ideally you would purchase Medicare Supplement coverage during this period. Open enrollment period for employer group insurance is typically a year of original date of enrollment. For individual person approaching retirement age, it usually begins on the first day of the month you turn 65 or older. One would have to be enrolled in Part B first.