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I am eligible for Medicare but will I have to pay before I have coverage? Are there out of pocket costs before my Medicare coverage starts? Getting started with Medicare is easier than you think.

An individual has received his Medicare Card. He is about to turn 65. Suddenly he is faced with many questions. One of the first questions is how much is Medicare going to cost before my coverage starts.

How Much Will I Have To Pay Out of Pocket For Medicare Before My Coverage Starts?

If an individual has worked a sufficient number of hours to qualify for Social Security benefits chances are there are no out of pocket expenses before Medicare Part A coverage starts. In some cases, depending on the amount of Medicare taxes paid during the individual's work life, he may have to pay premiums for Medicare Part A up to $443.00 per month. In most cases the individual will have to pay no premiums.

How Much Will I Have to Pay Out of Pocket Before Medicare Part B Starts?

If the individual's income is under $85,000 per year he will have to pay premiums of $96.40 each month for his Medicare Part B to be in force. Others may pay more depending on higher income levels.

How Much Are My Out of Pocket Costs Before Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D Coverages Start?

In addition to monthly premiums for both Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D if an individual chooses to enroll in either or both of these Parts, the individual most often is required to pay a deductible before any benefits will be paid. Both Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D are sold through private insurers that contract with the Federal government to provide these plans. Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D vary in price from state to state. More importantly the deductibles vary from one insurer to another. Check with the insurer to determine the deductible that will have to be paid before the coverage will begin to pay.