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As we reach the age of 65 many people wonder what they have to do to register for Medicare. There are two ways to register.

Registering for Medicare can occur in one of two ways. For most of us it is an almost automatic process. For others it requires that the person wishing to sign up take the initiative.

How Do I Register For Medicare?

If the person is already receiving Social Security benefits when he turns 65 or if he has signed up to receive full Social Security benefits when he reaches the age of 65, Medicare will be automatic. Three months before the person's sixty-fifth birthday he will receive a package from Medicare that will include his Medicare Card and other pertinent information. It is as simple as that for the person who is registering for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

What If I Am Not Ready to Receive Social Security But I Want My Medicare Benefits?

More and more often people who reach the age of 65 are not ready to stop working. Some need to continue to work to build their Social Security benefits. Others just enjoy working. People who turn 65 and wish to continue working can and should still register for Medicare.

If I'm Still Working Past Age 65 How Do I Register for Medicare?

If the person does not sign up for Social Security benefits by the time they reach 65 he will have to contact Medicare to register for Medicare benefits. In this case the burden is on the worker to initiate the contact with Medicare. Signing up for Social Security benefits would have automatically triggered the Medicare benefits. However, for the person who wishes to put off his Social Security payments he must initiate the registration process. It is best to begin the process three months before the sixty-fifth birthday.