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What is Medicare supplement? Medicare supplements are a reference to health insurance plans that are sold to beneficiaries in the United States. Generally, the plans are a lot cheaper than private heath insurance plans. The purpose of Medicare is to insurance health coverage for the elderly.

What Are The Qualifications For Medicare Supplement?

The first qualification is that you need to be over sixty five years old to receive Medicare supplement. Then you must also receive or be eligible to receive social security, or you must be eligible for the benefits of railroad retirement, or you had/ have a spouse that paid into enough into Medicare, or lastly you are a dependent parent of a deceased child who was insured fully.

How Can I Find Out If I Am Eligible For Social Security?

Social Security funds come from taxes paid into the system. This means that if you worked and paid taxes for at least ten years, then you should have paid enough into the system to receive a check from the government.

How Do I Fill Out An Application?

The only thing you need to do is visit the government website. Here you should find a tab labeled Medicare. Click on the link, and follow the instructions. Once your application is received it will be reviewed. You will be contacted if you are eligible to receive a Medicare supplement.

Are There Different Plans Available?

There are several different Medicare supplement plans, and you will be aided in finding the right one for you. There is a process involved, but the process is worth the outcome. If you meet the Medicare qualifications then sign up for a Medicare supplement today.