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If the costs of your prescription drugs have been adding up and you are wondering how do I know if I qualify for extra help for Medicare Part D. Do not worry, extra help is available with Medicare Prescription Drug plan costs. In order to find out if you qualify for this assistance, you must complete an application and submit it to the Social Security Administration. In order to apply you must be a resident of one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia. You may also be able to get help from your State government under the Medicare Savings Program.

How Do I Fill Out The Application?

In preparing to fill out this application you will need information regarding your income, your spouse's income, if you are married, and any resources you may own. You will also need your banking account statements, including checking, savings, and certificate of deposit. You will need to provide information regarding you individual retirement accounts (IRAs), stocks, bonds, savings bonds, mutual funds or other investments. You may also need to provide your tax returns. You will need your most recent Social Security letter, statement of railroad benefits, or veteran's benefits.

If you are filing out the application online there is a 30 minute timer on each page. After 30 minutes the page will expire and you will have to start over. There is an online application available for the blind. It uses a screen reading program.

If I Cannot Locate The Needed Documents How Do I Know If I Qualify For Extra Help For Medicare Part D?

In the absence of these documents a best estimate is made to consider whether or not you qualify for extra help with your prescription drug costs. The documents listed above are to help you fill out the application. You do not need to submit these documents unless the Social Security Administration contacts you and asks for them.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone may apply for extra help for Medicare Part D regardless of the initial qualifier results.