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Veterans often have questions about their medical benefits when they leave active service. One of the most common questions is if veterans' benefits pay all medical expenses. Another question often asked is about Medicare Supplemental Insurance and if it covers VA services?

Do Veterans' Medical Benefits Pay All Medical Expenses and Services?

The short answer is no. To collect the veterans' benefits for medical services received the veteran would need to be treated at or in a VA hospital by a VA doctor. Veterans who are hospitalized in a non-VA hospital are responsible for the cost of hospitalization and any and all treatments received while in the non-VA hospital. Once the vet is transferred to a VA hospital and admitted all medical bills incurred from admission until his release are covered.

Does Medicare Supplemental Insurance Cover VA Services?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans do not pay for VA services. The Veterans Administration takes care of all expenses incurred while the veteran is in a VA facility. However, if the veteran is first admitted to a non-VA hospital prior to being transferred to a governmental facility his Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance will cover his expenses. It must be noted that supplemental insurance plans may or may not cover 100% of the expenses. The amount of coverage and any deductibles that may be incurred would be noted in the supplemental policy.

Many veterans mistakenly believe that all medical expenses will be covered by their VA benefits. Those benefits are only effective so long as the facility and the treatment are under the supervision of the Veterans Administration.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance will pay for veterans' medical treatments outside a VA facility. There is no need for the supplemental policy to cover expenses while the veteran is being treated within a VA facility as those charges are automatically covered by the VA.