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If you need prescription coverage with your Medicare benefits you will be required to purchase a Medicare supplement plan. Of these plans, Part C and Part D offer the most comprehensive prescription coverage. Medicare Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage, a type of HMO/PPO plan. Medicare Part C has been canceled in many states due to the recent changes to the Medicare system. Part D is known as the prescription coverage plan. This plan has also undergone many changes as of June 1, 2010 participants should review their benefits package extensively.

Does Any Other Medicare Supplement Offer Prescription Drug Coverage?

Part D is the only true Medicare supplement that offers prescription coverage. Some of the other plans may offer to cover prescriptions that are dispensed in the hospital or part of out patient care, but Part D is the only coverage that specifically provides assistance for prescriptions. You will need to participate in a prescription coverage plan if you take any maintenance drugs or suffer from an illness, simply to help you save your money.

When I Look At A Medicare Supplement How Do I Know What To Purchase?

When you review all the Medicare supplements offered in your state take the time to figure out what will help you the most. Many plans repeat the same benefits but the difference is in their coverage percentage (50% vs. 75%) or in the added amenities. Supplemental insurance can be confusing if you allow it to be, but it does not have to be that way. Medicare part A and B will cover most of your expenses. With that in mind look for any supplement that may help such as one that covers medicines or one that pays deductibles.