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Tips to answer the question Does Medicare Pay For Prescription Drugs Getting Medicare prescription drug coverage depends on the kind of health care coverage you have.

Is it Hard to Get Medicare Drug Coverage?

Medicare by itself does not offer or pay for prescription drugs. Those who are members of Medicare often wonder Does Medicare Pay For Prescription Drugs The answer is No. Medicare Health Insurance does not cover prescriptions unless the Medicare recipient joins one of the Medicare prescription drug plan. These prescription plans are known as a Medicare Advantage Plan or any of the other Medicare Health Plans that also offer drug plans.

Do I Have to Pay to Join a Drug Plan?

Similar to any other insurance plans that you join; there is a monthly premium charge. The amount depends on the plan you select. Each plan also has a yearly deductible and do not pay the complete charge of the prescriptions. The charge to join depends on the plan. Does Medicare Pay For Prescription Drugs? Some plans pay more and pay for more drugs. These plans will cost more. Those with limited income and resources may not have to pay either a premium or a deductible.

How Can I Get Drug Coverage?

To take advantage of the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, you must also have Medicare part A and/or Part B. Getting the drug coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan requires that you have part A and Part B. Does Medicare Pay For Prescription Drugs? Maybe, if you meet all of the above requirements and live in the service area of the Medicare drug plans.

Why Join a Medicare Drug Plan?

Joining a Medicare Drug Plan now, during the enrollment period, is free to join. By waiting until after the open enrollment period to join, you will have to pay a late enrollment penalty. Does Medicare Pay For Prescription Drugs? They only pay a portion of the cost of the drugs if you join the Medicare Drug Plan and pay the monthly premium.