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I have Medicare. Will it pay for dental services? The answer may surprise you.

Medicare basically covers hospital costs. For those who have Medicare Part B doctors' visits may be covered. However, many senior citizens realize they need dental care. Can they count on Medicare to pay for dental services?

Does Medicare Pay for Dental Services?

The answer is no. It is best not to expect dental services to be paid my Medicare. There are no provisions within Medicare designed to address the costs of dental services as such. Regular check-ups, having teeth cleaned or routine fillings are not covered by Medicare. Under no conditions will Medicare pay the cost of dentures. When Medicare was originally designed dental services were specifically written out of the plan.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Rule?

As with almost any program there are exceptions to the rule. However, those exceptions are limited to specific circumstances. In those specific circumstances Medicare may pay part of the expense. However, it must be stated emphatically that Medicare will never cover the cost of dentures or false teeth.

When Will Medicare Help With Dental Services?

If the Medicare recipient is hospitalized due to an infection following a tooth extraction Medicare will pay for the hospitalization and the treatment required while in the hospital. Sometimes Medicare will pay for hospitalization if a dental condition requires medical observation. This only occurs if the condition is a major threat to the person's life or health.

Will Medicare Pay for Dental Services in Any Other Cases?

Medicare will pay for oral exams if those exams are related to kidney disease. Additionally, Medicare will pay for in hospital treatment for which the dental care is secondary such as oral cancer or a fractured jaw. However, once the patient leaves the hospital he is responsible for all dental care, including any follow-up care or out patient procedures.