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Are you receiving Medicare? If so, you have probably asked yourself: Does Medicare help with transportation costs? The answer is yes.

Transportation costs are considered allowable expenses under Medicare Part B. Knowing the facts can be both a timesaver and money saver when it comes to meeting your medical needs. There are tips to help with transportation costs, things you should know about your coverage and the ways to find transportation that is covered under Medicare. It is important to know that Medicare does help with transportation costs if you know where and how to look for these resources.

Tips to Help with Transportation Costs

When you call to set up your transportation, you should have details available such as time, date and pickups. Leave time in advance to ensure you get to the appointment on time and take into consideration wait time. Just like appointment cancellation fees, cancellation fees for transportation may apply.

Plan your transportation needs well in advance this ensures you will have reliable transportation to and from your appointments.

Keep numbers to Medicare covered transportation resources readily available; this way if an emergency or unplanned appointment arises you won’t incur costs for uncovered transportation.

Things you should know about your Medicare coverage

There are different types of coverage under Medicare. Each type provides different coverage options.
Always keep your documents to reference when looking at the different coverage policies under Medicare. These can help you better understand what is and isn’t covered under your policy.

Not all transportation is covered under Medicare. Transportation is an allowable expense, the type of transportation, vehicle and need for it has to first be approved by Medicare in order to be covered.

Ways to find transportation that is covered under Medicare

Talk with your physician or case manager about your transportation needs.

Reference your Medicare manual for resources in your area.

Look up transportation covered by Medicare using the internet.

Call Social Security Administration and ask; Does Medicare help with transportation costs. They may be able to help you locate available covered resources.