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With so many Medicare Parts and Medicare Supplemental Plans it is easy to become confused when selecting the right coverage. One question that often arises is does a Medicare Supplemental Plan replace Original Medicare.

As an individual reaches the age of 65 he has many choices to make concerning his future health care coverage. With so many Medicare Parts and Medicare Supplemental Plans it is important to know what Medicare covers and what Medicare Supplemental Plans cover.

Does A Medicare Supplemental Plan Replace Original Medicare?

One question that is most asked is if Medicare Supplemental Plans actually replace Original Medicare. No, Medicare Supplemental Plans do not replace Original Medicare. As the name implies Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans are designed to supplement Original Medicare.

What Does Medicare Pay?

Medicare Part A is designed to pay most of a Medicare beneficiary's hospital costs should the beneficiary spend time as an inpatient. Medicare Part B pays for most of a Medicare beneficiary's outpatient care such as a visit to the doctor or specialized tests that occur as an outpatient. Note that Medicare pays some or most of those expenses. Medicare does not pay 100% of all costs incurred.

What Does a Medicare Supplemental Plan Do?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans pick up the coverage where Medicare leaves off. After Medicare pays what it will pay for a Medicare approved treatment or service the Medicare Supplemental Plan will begin to pay the remainder of the bill. The supplement is designed to reduce the out of pocket expenses remaining after Medicare has paid the maximum it will pay.

A Medicare Supplemental Plan Does Not Replace Original Medicare

Medicare pays first for an occurrence. When Medicare has paid what it will the Medicare Supplemental Insurance will pay the remainder or most of the remainder of the expenses. One does not replace the other. Original Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance work together to pay maximum benefits reducing or eliminating out of pocket expenses.