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Here are some secrets you should know about switching from Medicare Part B to Medicaid: you really don't!

The answer to the question posed is this: you do not switch from Medicare Part B to Medicaid. If an individual qualifies for Medicaid, then they receive the Medicaid coverage on top of the Medicare Part B coverage. The difference is that Medicaid will pay the premium for the Medicare Part B insurance,the deductible and any co-payments.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible For Medicaid?

Medicaid is a national health insurance program designed to provide individuals and families with limited resources the coverage they need to pay their medical bills. Eligibility levels vary by state, but the general rules are as follows. First, Medicaid will look at all the sources of income available for an individual or family. This includes not only your paycheck, but any pension plans, Social Security payments or other government benefits. Then Medicaid will look at the individual’s assets that can be liquidated for cash. These would include retirement funds, savings accounts and the like. If the combined total of these two is below the limits set by the Medicaid program of the state that the individual resides, then they would be eligible. Eligibility can also be achieved by qualifying as “medically needy,” a condition that if the person paid all their medical expenses, their income would drop below the required state limit. For a full list of Medicaid eligibility requirements go to

It Doesn’t Hurt To Explore Your Options

Even if you are not sure whether you qualify, it doesn’t hurt to apply for Medicaid. This would initiate a caseworker looking into your situation and determining your eligibility. Given that Medicaid will pick up your premiums for Medicare Part B, along with providing assistance on everything from childcare to nursing home care, it pays to look into this program.