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A doctor can accept to refuse Medicare Coverage, but a doctor who takes Medicare can choose not to bill Medicare if the patient has another insurance company.

The cost of health care has risen faster than the cost of living. Many doctors who used to accept medicare are opting either out of the system or not accepting new patients. Doctors offices do not have to accept Medicare. Many specialists have decided to stop accepting Medicare because of the intensive paperwork involved and the extremely low reimbursement rates. Specialists who do accept medicare may not accept new patients.

What Doctors Are The Most Obvious

Psychologists, gastroenterologists and gynecologists are the most likely doctors not to accept medicare coverages. A patient who is 64 may find that his health care options will drop in one year. If he retires, he also may lose health insurance from his employer. If he can find affordable health insurance that he can use in place of Medicare, he can save the problem of trying to find a physician that will accept the government-sponsored health insurance program for older Americans.

Is There Something I Can Do About It?

Doctors do not have to accept medicare coverage, but a patient with the means may want to try to negotiate with his doctor. Most doctors’ offices charge people less who decide to pay in cash up front. If you are reaching the age where you will automatically receive Medicare, you may want to see what doctors near you will accept Medicare coverage.

Not As Many Doctors Are Accepting Medicare

Medicaid and Medicare patients will continue to see the number of doctors that accept the government-sponsored forms of insurance drop. The condition will continue as long as health care costs remain high and Medicare reimbursements remain low. A Medigap plan will not cover a doctor who does not accept health insurance as they only pay for what Medicare itself does not cover. Check with the local hospitals and state agencies to find doctors who will accept medicare.