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A Medicare supplemental policy will provide you with temporary coverage for a minimal amount of time when you move out of state. However, you will not be allowed to keep that insurance, under the current laws unless that insurer is licensed to sell that type of policy in the state you moved to and they offer the exact same policy. Insurance companies and policies are governed by the state ad states have the ability to accept or decline any insurer or their policies. Many states have stricter requirements on what must be offered to the participant than others, while some states have restrictions on what may be charged for the policy. You will need to check with an insurance provider in your new state as soon as you settle into your new home.

Will A Medicare Supplemental Policy Cover Me For Foreign Travel?

If you have Medicare parts A and B you will not have coverage for medical emergencies when you travel abroad. Medicare supplemental policy Part N now provides coverage for people that are traveling outside of the States. It will give you enough coverage to get you back into the country and medical treatment here. Supplemental N is new as of June 1, 2010, and also offers other amenities. Check with your specific plans to see if you have any additional benefits concerning foreign travel. This is especially important before you leave on vacation.

Will Medicare Supplemental Insurance Cover All My Medical Needs?

There are no plans currently available through Medicare or any of its supplements that offer complete coverage for all ailments or situations. Each Medicare supplemental policy will provide you additional coverage to your basic plan, but none of them provide 100% or free medical.