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The truth is that you turn age sixty four, you can certainly begin to start thinking about being a part of the Medicare system. If you happen to be extremely impoverished at the time that you turn age sixty four or sixty five you can also be eligible for Medicaid. Some people may not think it is fair for some people to get Medicare and Medicaid, but the system is set up so some people can do that. You need to be able to have some sort of health care so this means that you may need at least Medicaid.


Some people do tend to worry about the solvency of both the Medicare and Medicaid systems. You should be worried about the solvency of both programs as a citizen as well. The amount of taxes that people have to pay continues to climb year after year in many ways. The truth of the matter is that Medicare and Medicaid are going to continue to hire people to administer the programs and attempt to guarantee their solvency. The truth of the matter is that it is important to pay taxes so both Medicare and Medicaid can remain solvent.


Medicare is a very important program. It has become a program that so many people end up becoming dependent upon. They have grown to expect the Medicare program. There are so many surgeons out there who end up working on Medicare patients. The hope is that more surgeons end up deciding to help as many Medicaid patients as possible. Medicaid patients need surgeries as well. The Medicare system is something that a lot of people have paid into so people feel like they are entitled to the program. This is why Medicare and Medicaid are considered entitlement programs.