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Supplemental Insurance for Medicare Recipients Under the Age of 65

Those who are under the age of 65 and are receiving Medicare benefits due to disabilities, end-stage renal disease, or Lou Gehrig’s disease may purchase a supplemental insurance plan. Medigap or supplemental Medicare insurance is available through private insurance companies. Those who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B are eligible to buy additional supplemental insurance. These policies are designed to pay the medical expenses that Medicare does not cover.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

A list of private insurance providers may be accessed through the Government Medicare website. The Government has mandated that the coverage standards are equal between all insurance companies. Each provider will offer monthly premium quotes and outline benefits for potential clients. It is recommended that Medicare participants invest in supplemental insurance to eliminate large out of pocket expenses. This type of policy is intended to fill the gap between the charges and what Medicare will cover for their members. Seniors are encouraged to speak with several companies and compare rates which range from $25 to $100 monthly.

Avoid a financial crisis with Medicare Supplemental Insurance for Those Under 65

Once Medicare has been approved for those younger than 65 with disabilities, the decision should be made concerning the necessity of choosing and paying for a private supplemental policy. There is a huge financial risk for those with chronic disease and disabilities of depleting their savings because of inadequate insurance coverage. A Medicare supplemental policy will pay for deductibles, co pays, coinsurance, and excess medical charges that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover. Protect yourself with the security of a Medigap policy.