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The concept of a secondary non-Medicare supplement being out there is something that may sound foreign and unrealistic to some consumers. The truth of the matter is that companies like Anthem insurance happen to offer these kind of secondary non Medicare supplements to people in their fifties, the kind of people who may just about be ready to go on Medicare, but not quite. You do typically have to be employed in order to be able to afford one of these secondary non Medicare supplement agreements. The non Medicare supplement agreements can tend to be quite expensive. It would be difficult to try to purchase a secondary non Medicare supplement while you happen to be on unemployment.

Secondary Options

The non Medicare supplement can be a good game plan for someone who is about to enter Medicare. A person who happens to be fifty and a half for example is looking for health care options. The hope is that that they have an employer based option where that employer can chip in for some of the costs. The secondary non Medicare supplement option can be good for so many people because if you happen to be fifty nine and a half you don't want to have to pay into your 401k in order to pay your health care costs.


There should be more companies out there promoting the concept of a secondary non Medicare supplement however. The concept of a traditional Medicare supplemental is a bit of a calling card and the companies know they can draw consumers in with it however. The companies out there probably could open with a strong advertising approach and end up getting plenty of people to end up buying a secondary non Medicare supplement when absolutely necessary.