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Medicaid can be a great program but there are a few confusing rules and regulations that come along with it that confuse and even scare people away from applying to get it, even if they qualify. One of these major questions many seniors have is will Medicaid take my property. It is a very valid concern that you may have yourself if you own property that you intend to one day sell or pass down to someone in your family.

State Taking Property

One common misconception that many people have is that they will have their home taken from them if they enroll themselves in the Medicaid program. The law actually varies a bit and should answer your question on will Medicaid take my property or not.

How it Works

The real way that this works is the costs of health care that you receive on Medicaid may be able to be recovered after your death by selling off your estate in order to pay back the state for the expenses. The costs can be quite steep and as a result the state wants to try to get as much of the money they spent that they can. The technical term that is used for this is estate recovery and it is a very real aspect of being on Medicaid.


You may ask and be very concerned about questions such as "will Medicaid take my property?" especially if you have immediate family still alive. The good news is that your estate cannot be touched if you have a husband, wife, or child that is still living. This ensures that your family is not going to have to suffer as a result of the laws and attempts to collect funds.