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Transitional Medicaid coverage is a program that was enacted to help people who leave the welfare roles and enter the workplace an option to have continued coverage for a specific period of time. According to program rules the first six months after a person enters the workforce they can continue to receive Medicaid benefits. After that six month period has elapsed, recipients are then given the option to continue on the plan for another 6 months under the condition of contributing to the plan or having limited coverage.

What Are The Qualifications For Continuing Coverage Under The Transitional Medicaid Assistance Plan?

When you participate in the continuing transitional Medicaid coverage you can receive coverage for the entire period unless specific events occur. If the dependent children on the policy leave home the policy becomes void. Failure to pay premiums, loss of employment or if the earning by the individual exceeds a specific amount the policy can become inactive. Medicaid is run by the state, each state will have specific terms and conditions that are associated with the Transitional Medicaid Assistance plan. Contacting your local Health and Human services office will clarify any questions you may have about qualifications.

Will Transitional Medicaid Services continue under the new Obamacare plan?

Because there are many changes that will come into effect because of the new healthcare legislation, it is hard to determine if Transitional Medicaid coverage will continue for much longer. Due to these changes in coverage people using the plan may be converted to a different type of coverage as they transition into the work force. Currently, the plan remains the same and there are no changes foreseen in the near future.