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Things that you need to know about emergency Medicaid assistance.

Many people do not know that if they are pregnant or have a medical emergency that they can qualify for emergency Medicaid assistance. Here are some things that you need to know about emergency Medicaid assistance.

Information about What Qualifies As a Medical Emergency

A medical emergency for the emergency Medicaid Assistance program include some of the following: stroke, ear infection, organ failure, heart attack, child birth, and any other life threatening emergency. The medical issue must be considered an emergency and put the patient’s life in danger. A doctor’s report is necessary to ensure the severity of the medical condition.

Know About Requirements to Apply for Emergency Medicaid Assistance

In order to apply for this type of assistance you need to meet the specified criteria. The first step is to fill out an application for the assistance. You cannot apply for advance for emergency Medicaid assistance. If you do not have insurance and you are pregnant or healthy then you should try applying for regular Medicaid benefits. A person can only be eligible for assistance on the day that their specified medical emergency begins.
The person needs to be a resident of the state that they are applying in. Bringing proof of residency involves either a state issued identification card or driver’s license or a utility bill. A person does not need to be a citizen of the United States to get emergency Medicaid assistance; anyone can qualify for this type of assistance. There are income guidelines, these vary by state but most go by the poverty level in the state.

Call a Medicaid Representative

It can be very beneficial to speak with a Medicaid representative before applying. This helps to aid in the process so you know whether or not you might be able to get emergency Medicaid assistance or need to explore other avenues. Hopefully these tips will help you better understand what emergency Medicaid assistance is.