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If you're in a Medicaid nursing home, can you keep your house? The answer is surprising. Depending on the situation you may be able to keep your house

The state Medicaid programs pay for nursing home care, but it is not free care, as many believe. The Medicaid program will require the patient to liquidate and sell many assets, and in come cases his home. While Medicaid programs vary from state to state they all have the same basic rules regarding whether a patient is able to retain his home or not. Following these guidelines can help a patient determine the likelihood of being able to keep a home.

I'm a widower/divorced person living alone. Is there a way of keeping my house while in a Medicaid nursing home?

This answer to this depends on length of time the patient intends to spend in the nursing home. If the patient plans on becoming a resident of the nursing home permanently the property must be sold. If the patient expects a full recovery or intends to return home, Medicaid will allow the patient to keep the house. This can be based on the patient's intent to return home, rather than their expected ability to return home.

I live in my house with someone else. Is there a way of keeping my house while in a Medicaid nursing home?

Depending on who lives in the house with the Medicaid patient and how long they have lived there it may be possible to keep the home. Medicaid allows for a spouse, children under 21, an adult blind or disabled child, or a sibling who's been living in the house for one year or more and owns part of the house along with the patient. Should a non qualifying person be living in the home with the patient, the house will be sold.