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The best way to know how long a Medicaid application takes to be approved and finding out how to apply for Medicaid.

There is always a wait anytime you fill out an application for anything. Medicaid applications are no exception to this rule. Fortunately, Medicaid applications normally go through pretty fast. It's important to fill out the application correctly to prevent any delays in your application processing.

How long does a Medicaid application take?

After you have signed up for Medicaid and sent in your application Medicaid has 30 days to approve it. Most of the time the applications go through much more quickly than that. Before sending your application in go over it carefully to be sure that you have not made any errors that could delay the process. Make sure all of your information is accurate or your Medicaid application could take longer to get approved.

How do I get an application to apply for Medicaid?

To get a Medicaid application you need to contact your local Medicaid office. You can find the number to your local Medicaid office by looking in the blue pages of your phone book or contacting the Social Security office in your area. In some states you don't even need to do a mail in application. Check to see if your local Medicaid office will let you apply via internet or over the phone. These options are not available for all states, but they are for some.

If I apply for Medicaid in person, what do I need to bring with me?

In order to apply for Medicaid in person you'll need proof of identification, proof of address, income, assets, and all of your medical bills. Not having all of these documents available at the time you apply could make your Medicaid application take longer.