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The secret to keeping my medicaid when moving out of state.

How do I keep medicaid if I move to a different state?

Medicaid programs provide assistance to groups of low income individuals who either have no insurance or not enough coverage. The government establishes guidelines for these programs; however, it's the individual states that decide who is eligible and what criteria must be met.

So, how do I keep medicaid if I move to a different state?

The best way for me to prevent interruption in my medicaid when moving from state to state is to be aware of the criteria the other state has set for its medicaid recipients. Many states provide websites with answers to this and other questions pertaining to their medicaid program. Since I do not have internet access at my house, I go to my local library to use their computers.

Before I make the move, I nee to go into my county health care office.
In order to keep medicaid if I move to a different state, I need to take time to see someone at my local county health office beforehand. Not only will they be able to answer any questions, they might be able to expedite my transition and paperwork. If they do not have a way to submit my request, they can give me directions to follow once I have made my move.

I always keep all my my paperwork in an easy to reach place.
How do I keep my medicaid if I move to a different state? Every state has different criteria pertaining to medicaid recipients; there is no seamless way to transfer medicaid. In order to make registration as painless as possible, I keep all of my paperwork and I.D. in a safe and convenient place.