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Steps to determine if an assisted living facility accepts Medicaid. One focus is now on the Medical Waiver Program and 27 states have adopted it.

While Medicaid has traditionally been used as a source of funding for low-income seniors to pay for the costs of nursing home care, the trend for assisted living facilities to accept Medicaid has lagged far behind. To close that gap some states have introduced Medicaid waiver programs.

One Option You Can Use to Find Out if an Assisted Living Facility Accepts Medicaid

Determine if the state you live in has adopted a Medicaid waiver program. Having taken that step, contact your state Medicaid office to learn the restrictions or the percentage of funds they have earmarked for assisted living. Finally, contact the facility itself. Even if they do set aside a particular number of rooms or beds as Medicaid eligible, they may be at their capacity.

Determine if Your State Has Adopted a Medicaid Waiver Program

In order to find out if an assisted living facility accepts Medicaid, determine if your state offers the Medicaid Waiver program. At this writing approximately 27 states are onboard including Florida, California, and Missouri.

Contact Your State Medicaid Office

Your state Medicaid office will offer the guidelines for funding they are allowed to set aside for assisted living. They may also be able to refer you to particular assisted living facilities that accept Medicaid.

Contact the Assisted Living Facility

One of the most obvious ways to find out if an assisted living facility accepts Medicaid is to contact the facility directly. They may be strictly private pay or may not have any Medicaid openings at the time you call.

It is important to stay focused in your search and always remember that situations may change at any time even to the point that the facility revises their policies and chooses not to accept Medicaid any longer.