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The truth is that most physicians do accept Medicaid patients currently. At a time when the economy is down, you will tend to see more doctors accepting Medicaid patients. This is due to the fact that so many people are becoming impoverished due to the layoffs and subsequent depression that they are forced to turn to the Medicaid rolls in order to get medical treatment. Doctors should be compassionate and accept Medicaid patients whenever possible. Medicaid patients are often people who need medical treatment the worst. Doctors know this and should accept Medicaid patients.

Medicaid Services

The people who work for Medicaid services in your given state may be able to give you a listing of doctors in your area who accept Medicaid patients. The list should indeed be accurate. You should not have to work too hard to find patients who accept Medicaid. You can make some basic calls to a doctor's office to see if they accept Medicaid patients. The hope is that the people in the office will know if the doctor accepts Medicaid patients and they will be honest about the process to you. People who are honest about accepting Medicaid patients are what you are looking for.

American Medical Association

The American Medical Association may also have a list of licensed doctors in your area who accept Medicaid patients. The list that the American Medical Association has is also likely to be accurate as well. The doctors on the list are likely to be in good standing as well. In a sense doctors should be honored to take Medicaid patients. They should be honored to accept Medicaid patients because they are helping people who often cannot find help. You should be able to get help with your Medicaid payments.