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For some the answer is simple. Since Medicaid was designed to assist those who cannot afford medical coverage, individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) are automatically eligible for Medicaid. If you receive either of these, yes, you are eligible for Medicaid.

What Are The Requirements of Eligibility for Medicaid?

How do I check my Medicaid eligibility? There are several requirements to meet prior to being eligible for Medicaid. Each state has a slightly different Medicaid program with varying requirements. Despite there differences there are several standard requirements. First you must be a resident in the State in which you are applying. There are low income guidelines required for eligibility and assets and resources are reviewed against set guidelines. Other areas reviewed when considering eligibility is age, whether you are pregnant, disabled or blind. Coverage is provided to children of low income families. It is also provided to very low income parents and elderly, the disabled and the blind. If you are approved for Medicaid while pregnant, both you and your baby's care will be covered after the birth.

Children may qualify for Medicaid. If your child is sick enough to need nursing care or could live at home with quality care your child may be eligible for Medicaid. A teenager living on its own, will most likely be covered by Medicaid.

National Association of State Medicaid Directors

Every State has its own Medicaid program. Since these programs differ it is hard to outline a specific eligibility guidelines. The best plan of action would be next time you are wondering how do I check my Medicaid eligibility feel free to check with the National Association of State Medicaid Directors. Their website has an interactive map that will connect you to your state's Medicaid office.