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You may come to find that you need to cancel the medicaid benefits you are receiving. Perhaps you have gotten other insurance, or you no longer require the state assistance due to other circumstances. Here you will learn exactly what steps are required of you for the discontinuation of said medicaid benefits.

The First Step To Cancel Your Medicaid Benefits

The first thing you must do to change any information in your medicaid file is to contact your caseworker. He or she will have access to your file and also be able to tell you exactly what steps you must take to cancel. Every state has different requirements and forms, so it's important to check with the caseworker so that no step is left out. You can contact your caseworker by phone or by sending a written request to their office. The caseworker will then forward you any paperwork you may need to sign along with an envelope to return it in.

How Long It Will Take

Changes made to your medicaid file may take up to thirty days before they are in effect. Make sure to allow ample time for the mailing process. Your caseworker can verify for you the estimated date said changes will take effect.

What Do I Do Next

Once you have informed your caseworker of the necessary changes, all you have to do is wait. You will receive a confirmation letter in the mail stating the status of your benefits and will reflect any changes you have requested. It is important to keep all your information such as your mailing address, telephone number, and income that you report current in your medicaid file. Report any changes within a week that they take place.