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A brief guide to finding financial assistance if your loved one was covered by Medicaid and has passed away.

Does Medicaid Pay for Funerals if the Deceased had Only Medicaid as a Primary Source of Healthcare Coverage?

No. Unfortunately when a patient is on Medicaid and passes away, the family members may find themselves in a quandary as to how to pay for funeral expenses for their loved one. Medicaid does not, (to date) pay for any type of funerals. This is a very unfortunate situation because most people receiving Medicaid as a source of health insurance have already been deemed to fall at or below the poverty level for the State in which they reside. This basically declares that the State has proven they are without adequate funds that meet their basic needs.

Are There any Government Funds Available for Funeral Expenses?

Social Security does pay approximately $275 or so to help offset the expenses of a funeral, but there are very few funeral homes that perform their services for that small pittance of money, which leaves the family members trying to pay for the service themselves. Family members almost always ask if Medicaid pays for funerals because they are unable to provide the necessary funds to pay for the service for their loved ones.

How Can Family Members Get Their Deceased Loved One Properly Cared for After Death?

Because Medicaid does not pay for funerals, the family members of the deceased may need to contact the patient's case worker to ask for suggestions on what local agencies may offer to help assist in paying for the funeral expenses. Some States will offer to provide a cremation of the deceased and a burial at a local City or County owned cemetery. This does not pay for a funeral service but it will assist the family in providing some type of burial for their loved one. Many funeral homes with work with the family and offer a reduced rate for a small funeral service and burial.