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Medicaid will work for you if you happen to be traveling within the United States. If you happen to be traveling from Cedar Rapids to Des Moines Iowa Medicaid will work for you. You have a right to be able to receive medical care when people are traveling from state to state within the United States. A lot of people happen to pay Medicaid taxes so the hope is that if you fall into bad health and poverty in the future, you want Medicaid to be protected.

Medicaid Travel

Medicaid does not work when you happen to travel outside of the country. A person who happens to be impoverished and receiving Medicaid services does not get the Medicaid services if they happen to be traveling from the United States to Ireland. People who are traveling from the United States to Ireland need to find some kind of health care travel policy as an alternative to Medicaid while they happen to be in another country. You will not be eligible for government sponsored health services while you happen to be in another country. You need to keep that in mind.


The solvency of Medicaid has come into question in recent years. It can be hard to keep track of every Medicaid recipient as they travel so it can be hard to make sure that all Medicaid recipients can stay covered. There are government officials in each state and on federal basis who deal with Medicaid services. They can answer your questions as to whether Medicaid can meet your needs while you happen to be traveling. You want to make sure that the traveling process and your Medicaid services are important. Medicaid and travel are something that the elderly would be worried about.