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If you are on Medicaid and under the age of 21, your dental is paid for by Medicaid. If you are over the age of 21, you can still try and get medicaid to cover your dental depending on which state you live in.

Which States Cover Dental For Medicaid Beneficiaries?

If you live in Arizona, Alaska, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, or Wyoming Medicaid will cover dental in case of an emergency. But, even some of these states will only cover the cost of emergency services in an emergency room.

If you live in any of the other states not mentioned above, Medicaid offers extended care to dental patients.

There are some restrictions though like being allowed only a specified number of dental visits with a copay but as a rule, these states will cover regular dental care including cleaning of your teeth. In these states that pay for regular teeth care, dental emergencies are not covered since they assume that regular teeth care will preclude dental emergencies.

Can A Medicaid Covered User Go To Any Dentist?

Each state that offers dental care with their medicaid coverage has their own set of limitations to access that coverage. That information can be accessed by the social worker that is responsible for the Medicaid user. Generally, Medicaid qualified dental patients can only use those dentists that are on a list of Medicaid approved providers of dental services Special dental care like braces and dentures may be obtained if referred by another provider to an orthodontist who does braces and dentures. A Medicaid covered person should check with his social worker or with Medicaid itself for a list of dentists who are approved providers of local dental care.