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Can Medicaid Coverage Be Retroactive? The answer may surprise you. Medicaid can provide coverage even retroactively. These tips will tell you how.

Can Medicaid coverage be retroactive? The questions worries many potential Medicaid applicants. Since most people apply for Medicaid only when they are in the most dire circumstances of income and assets the answer can be very important to a potential applicant. Fortunately Medicaid can be applied retroactively to any month (up to three) before the application period. This can be of great benefit to applicants who have already spent their personal assets on care prior to applying for Medicaid. Even though Medicaid does have very strict limits on the amount of income and assets an applicant can have, some funds can be saved by Medicaid reimbursement.

I'm in the middle of the Medicaid application process. Can Medicaid coverage be retroactively billed for me?

An applicant can speak with their health services provider(s) regarding postponed billing. Some providers will allow for payment later if you inform them that you are in the process of applying for
Medicaid. Not all health services providers will extend this courtesy though. The wise applicant will call around and find a provider who will extend this courtesy to them. It is important that the applicant does inform the health services provider before services are performed though, as most providers expect payment at the time service is provided.

Can Medicaid coverage be retroactive if I have already paid the bills?

If an applicant pays for the services rendered on their own Medicaid typically will not reimburse the applicant for bills already paid out of pocket. Typically the only way for an applicant to receive reimbursement from Medicaid for services rendered is if the health care provider agrees to bill later. This is an important fact to remember for any applicant considering applying for Medicaid