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People on Medicaid are not legally allowed to have large amounts of monthly income. You can typically receive one to two thousand dollars in income and still be eligible for Medicaid services. You can also typically hold somewhere in the neighborhood of one to two thousand dollars in assets as well while still getting these Medicaid services. The income eligibility levels can vary from state to state when it comes to applying for Medicaid. There are some people who want to be eligible for Medicaid services, but they simply make too much money

Income Limits

A social worker in the state where you reside should be able to tell you about income eligibility limits for Medicaid in your given state. A person who may be eligible for Medicaid services in the state of Montana may not be eligible for Medicaid services in the state of Illinois. This can be partially be due to the fact that some states manage their Medicaid funds that they get partially from the federal government so they have a better idea of where the money is going as opposed to other states out there.


You may have to change names upon possible sources of income when you are trying to become Medicaid eligible. You need to be able to speak to an attorney in certain situations in order to receive income and become Medicaid eligible. An attorney may be able to help you receive legal income and still remain Medicaid eligible. The people who happen to really enjoy learning about the transfer of assets may enjoy the process of getting legal income and still becoming Medicaid eligible. The attorney can really value your input when it comes to being Medicaid eligible.