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It is very difficult to lose Medicaid benefits but once it is done, it is very hard to undo. Participants of the Medicaid program must be aware of the reasons that lead to loss of benefits. These include: Death, age and wage increase.

Loss Of Medicaid Eligibility Due to Death

If a person who qualifies for Medicaid dies, then their benefit dies with them. This prevents people from stealing the deceased’s identity, to attempt to receive medical treatment on their Medicaid benefits. This is a pretty straight forward step that if you die, your benefits also die. There is no way to undo this.

Can I lose Medicaid Eligibility Because of Age?

Many times, a child is eligible for Medicaid at the time of birth. Most children up to the age of 19 can receive benefits from Medicaid but once they are old enough, the only way to not lose Medicaid benefits is to become pregnant. Pregnant women can still receive Medicaid benefits for up to 60 days after they deliver the baby. In addition, the baby is automatically covered until at least his or her first birthday. There are instances though, when a child is considered a ward of the state, or is placed in a state run group home or foster care, they may receive benefits until the age of 21. It is almost impossible for these children to lose Medicaid benefits.

Loss of Medicaid Eligibility Due to Wage Increase

The most common way for a person to lose Medicaid benefits is to take a new job that pays more money. Each state varies as to how much a person or family can make each month to maintain benefits. Many times, if the family lets the department know that their income is going to increase the state will work with them to help them get into a program that will allow them to keep their benefits for up to 12 months.

How To Prevent Loss of Medicaid Eligibility

The best way to guarantee that you do not lose Medicaid benefits is to maintain a good relationship with the case worker, they are there to help people through tough times and as long as people are honest with them, they will help to maintain benefits.