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A lot of people usually confuse Medicare and Medicaid. This article explains each and answers an important question; can I have both Medicaid and Medicare at the same time?

A brief review of Medicare

Medicare is a federal instituted health program for retired people over 65 years and people with certain disabilities. Medicare is made up of Part A, B and D. Part A covers costs such as overnight health bills, home health care, hospices and limited nursing home care costs. Part B covers three-fourths of health costs with federal income tax while the beneficiary has to pay for one-fourth of the costs. Medicare is administered on a federal level and the same regulations apply all over the country.

Brief overview of Medicaid

Medicaid is also a federal instituted health care program but it is run and operated on state and local government level. Medicare is designed for low income earners and covers costs such as hospitalization, emergency visits, hospices, clinic visits, nursing home stays, outpatient drugs, ambulance, home health care and others. Medicaid requires very small co-payments for doctor visits, prescriptions and others. People on SSI are usually eligible for Medicaid and it is accepted in all hospitals and drug stores.

Can I Have Both Medicaid And Medicare At The Same Time?

While Medicare pays for medical costs there are certain limits to what it can cover. It is thus advised that you also get Medicaid to supplement Medicare. That way you can use Medicare to pay some of your health bills and use Medicaid to pay the rest. Medicaid also offers you the advantage of paying deductibles and co-payments. Doctors prefer like patients on Medicare because it pays them more. With Medicare doctors accept you easier and devote more attention to your case. The answer to the question, can I have both Medicaid and Medicare at the same time is not just a yes but that it is highly advisable to do so.