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A person cannot usually have Medicaid coverage and private insurance coverage at the same time. Whether or not a person can apply for Medicaid when he has private insurance is a different story. Of course, a person living in all states and territories of the United States can apply for these benefits. If he has other health insurance coverage, he may not get them. The rules for each state differ. In Pennsylvania, for example, a person cannot get long-term Medicaid benefits if he has a job. If he has private health insurance, he can apply for help from Medicaid for emergency medical expenses.

Applying for Medicaid Coverage When You Have Private Health Insurance

Depending on the Medicaid rules for your state, a person who needs emergency health care that his insurance plan does not cover may qualify for temporary Medicaid coverage. This includes services like having wisdom teeth pulled or emergency medical services. The application process takes less time than it does for a person without a job applying for Medicaid benefits. The applicant still must answer questions about his income level and the services required. Medicaid may issue a one-time payment or offer short term coverage.

What About a Job When I Have No Health Insurance?

Applying for Medicaid Coverage when you have health insurance is an easy process. Sometimes a person has a job but still may wish to apply for the program. Anyone can apply, but a person with a job may not qualify for Medicaid. A person with a job will most likely not have his claim approved, but many states now offer a low-cost alternative for people who do not meet the requirements for Medicaid. This program usually requires the person to pay a small premium and slightly higher co-pays than those required of Medicaid recipients. These programs often have long waiting lists. It may take an applicant several years before he receives benefits.