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As those who have ever applied for Medicaid insurance already know, it can sometimes take long periods of waiting time before an applicant will even hear back about whether or not he or she has been accepted for coverage, all while a health problem may become worse during said waiting period. Is it therefore possible to speed up the qualification process and get a quick decision on one's Medicaid eligibility?

Fast Track And Presumptive Medicaid Eligibility

Both fast track and presumptive Medicaid eligibility are two procedures used to expedite, or speed up, the process of accepting the inquiring party's financial application for Medicaid coverage.

Fast Track Method

This particular method involves aiding the applicant in completing the application process by gathering together the candidate's necessary documents, and making sure his or her paperwork gets routed to the correct Medicaid eligibility agent.

Where Can Fast Track Assistance Be Found?

Assistance of this kind is found in one of two places: it can be obtained from a case manager employed by a single entry point agency (which is an organization whose sole purpose is to offer its clients case management and planning services for long-term care programs); or, a member of the clerical team from a financial eligibility agency can provide this benefit.

Presumptive Medicaid Eligibility

Presumptive eligibility means that the applicant is considered to be entitled to coverage simply based on the information already presented. Thus, home and community services can then be started for the applicant before a final official decision is entered into the record.

In What States Can These Two Services Be Found?

Presumptive eligibility is offered in several states: residents of Washington, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are the recipients of this service. Applicants in the states of Colorado and Georgia can enjoy fast track eligibility.