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Medicaid is a program that helps the impoverished get medical care. It is not something that you typically can buy into. If people are trying to buy into the Medicaid program, they likely make too much money to be eligible for the program. Someone who thinks they can buy into the Medicaid program may find it easier trying to buy medical insurance. The private market place does offer options for people who can afford private medical insurance, The idea of buying into the Medicaid system is enough to make quite a few people laugh.

Medical Care

Medical care is getting more and more expensive in many ways. This is why some people may want to buy into the Medicaid system. A doctor is likely to laugh at you if you happen to ask the question of can I buy into the Medicaid program? They will certainly wonder why you would possibly want to buy into the Medicaid program. Some doctors do not even accept Medicaid patients so I would personally much rather buy into a private insurance plan if possible. The people who need medical care the most are often enrolled in the Medicaid program.


If you called your Congressional representative and asked them if you could buy into the Medicaid program, they may consider it to be a fairly odd question. The Congressional representative would likely direct you to another state sponsored programs so you would be able to obtain medical care. Medicaid was not set up in the 1960's so people could buy into the program. It was meant for extremely poor and the children of the extremely poor who had no other way to get medical care. The disabled could also use Medicaid in order to get medical coverage.