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What Exactly is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a government health service that is provided to United States citizens that are low- income. Medicaid also covers many adults and children that have disabilities. You must either be a United States citizen, or a resident alien to apply for these services. Medicaid helps those who cannot pay their medical bills by either paying some or all of the bill for the patient.

Medicaid Covered Services

When you qualify for Medicaid, there are many services that will be covered under your policy. These services include visits to the Physician, hospital stays, well check ups, immunizations, surgical procedures, breast cancer exams, cervical cancer check ups, chiropractic services, mental health services, dental services, pharmacy services, podiatrist services, vision checks, and much more. You will first need to make sure that the physician's office that you are attending accepts the insurance.

Is Everything Covered By Medicaid?

However, there are items not covered by Medicaid as well. Before you consider a procedure, please check to make sure that your Medicaid policy will cover it, or you may be left with an overwhelming bill. There are sometimes exceptions to the rule of what does not apply, if the procedure is necessary, and ordered by the physician.

What Services Are Not Covered By Medicaid

The following are items not covered by Medicaid. Usually these are medical choices that you do not require to have in order to remain healthy. Procedures that you may wish to have for appearance are generally not covered, such as breast implants, face lift, tummy tuck, and botox injections. Other items not included in Medicaid coverage are autopsies, private nursing facilities, exercise equipment, vocational training, record keeping, documentation, tubal ligation reversals, acupuncture, and implanting embryos. In addition, experimental drugs and services are generally not covered either. Finally, any over the counter drug, herbal remedy, food supplements, and some vitamins are not covered by Medicaid.

Other Options

There are items not covered by Medicaid that you may need assistance with at one time or another. You will either have to pay the bill for yourself, or get some other type of state assistance. It is possible that your Medicaid may cover a partial payment for services rendered. You will need to check with your local department of health for more information regarding these services.