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There are certainly some holds in the Medicaid system for travelers.

Medicaid Healthy Options Member

The answer to question of Am I Covered By Medicaid While Traveling? is that it depends upon where you are traveling. If you are traveling out of the country then the answer to the question Am I Covered By Medicaid While Traveling? is no. If you are traveling from within your home state or to an adjacent state there should no doubt what the answer to question is. The anster to the question Am I Covered By Medicaid While Traveling? in that case is yes. You may indeed be covered in some situations if you are a Medicaid Healthy Options Member while traveling. This basically means you don't have a pre-existing condition and aren't a threat to get sick.

Where To Get More Information

You can lead more at the Department of Human Services about what exactly is offered under Medicaid as a service. The agency is now headed up Kathleen Sebelius. Mrs. Sebelius understands the problems that Medicaid patients face when they are traveling abroad in particular. It is hard to say whether this issue will be properly addressed in any health care reform that makes its way through Congress. I know for a fact that Medicare eligible citizens cannot use their Medicare cards when traveling overseas as well. Medicaid patients also find it nearly impossible to receive good dental insurance when they are traveling or not. This is another issue that seems to have been neglected by legislators for far too long.

If you want to have a better understanding of issues such as this, you can go to websites They are even still looking for new people to work in some of the state Medicaid agencies. So if you feel passionate about the issue of delivering health care to the poor, the application process at HHS is something you should consider.