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Financial Assistance for Caregivers is very difficult to find but there are funds available in the federal and state programs for certain individuals.

Many caregivers are not paid for their services because many elderly people do not have the extra funds to pay them. Many caregivers are the grandchildren and children of the sick patients and they are exhausting their income to take care of their parents and grandparents.

Local and State Funding

Funding for caregivers may be found in Medicare, Medicaid, veteran’s benefits, and life insurance policies. It is very difficult to get the funds needed to pay caregivers, in many cases the eligibility requirements are a little steep and many people do not qualify. The best way to see if the patient qualifies for financial assistance is to check with the local county or state department of health and human services, or a local social services agency.

Private Funding

There are other locations that an individual can look into to check for available financial assistance, the patient advocate foundation, national family caregivers association, the national alliance for care giving, AARP grandparent information center, Churches, temples and mosque. Any private industry that gets funding through private donations may be able to help.


The best way to have funding available for an ailing parent or grandparent is to start saving now. The system is not set up very well to take care of the elderly that is why the children have to save for their family now. Set up a fund that will be able to assist the elderly later in life. The government may be able to assist a little but the individual needs to provide for themselves and save for their parent’s future now. Ask questions of everyone from the hospitals to the church organizations and employers about setting up funding and available assistance for elderly parents.