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How do I get into a nursing home with limited resources? For tips to raise money quickly.

Moving into a nursing home may be due to increased medical complications. Moving into a nursing home can increase the quality of life experienced. You may need to know quickly how I get into a nursing home with limited resources.


Think about all assets that are in your name. If you have a spouse that has passed on and left you assets, now is the time to explore them. This may involve visiting a lawyer or simply reviewing their will. There may be one or more family homes, automobiles, or businesses. Find out the current market value for real estate, blue book value of cars, and the price to sell the business.

Personal Items

Selling unused items within the home can provide several thousand dollars. It is common to have valuable items that may be in storage areas throughout the home. These may be forgotten and packed away. Selling these items through pawn shops, EBay, or through a consignment shop can help to ensure that you receive a fair amount for each item.

State and Government Programs

Be proactive and start filling out applications. Visit the local free clinic in person. They will have the contact information for all state sponsored and government programs. A delayed application does not imply that they will not be approved. Follow up with the application by making periodic phone calls to check the status of the paperwork. Help may be available through Medicaid and private contributions.

Income Opportunities

Many consulting jobs can be done over the telephone or with the help of the internet. There may be certain income opportunities that will work with your energy level part time. Think of how your life experience can give solid direction to other people.


One or two family members alone may not be able to carry the weight of the nursing home bills. However, if there are several working people in the family they may be willing to commit to paying a certain amount each month.