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Where to start and whom to contact when you have decided that you or a loved one is in need of personal in home care by a professional caregiver.

How do I arrange for in home care for myself?

The best place to start is by speaking with your physician. If he or she has advised you that it may be in your benefit to add an in home care team to your treatment, the physician can often times recommend a good nursing agency that can provide the service's you will need. The physician may also need to prescribe the services for you in writing or by phone in order for your health insurance policy or Medicaid/Medicare to agree to pay the bill for the in home care services.

How do I arrange for in home care for a family member?

After speaking with the physician about the need for in home care it is often advisable to contact local nursing agency's in your area. Most cities now have many in home health care organizations to choose from, due to the high demand for these types of services with the elderly. It is recommended that you speak and meet with several agency representatives before making a final decision on which agency you would like to use. There are many important factors to consider, such as the types of services you need versus the types of services the agency can provide. Being choosey is important when asking yourself how to arrange for in home care.

How do I arrange for in home care for a bed ridden loved one?

Patients with special needs such as those that have suffered from a stroke, have Alzheimer's disease, or are bedridden will need special in home care. By calling local nursing agencies you will be able to convey exactly what type of in home care that your loved one needs. The nursing agency will also follow the advise of the family physician as to what type of special care the patient may need to have done. Arranging in home care for an ill patient requires special attention.